Let’s start from the beginning…

All blogs need to have a first post to set the scene. I usually have lots of ideas and thoughts that stay in my head so there was an opportunity to put it all down in one place! As a girl who has always lived in London, there is a lot of places I love and enjoy. Sightseeing, shopping, food and so much more is amazing in the capital.

I have spent the last year or so in East London after spending my time in areas of North London. Despite already being an adult, it was a large adjustment to move from the home I grew up in to a house that is my own. Decorating, cleaning and bills have become a normal part of my life. I gotta say, adulting is HARD. Saying that, all these little things make you feel quite accomplished (yes, I have become that person).

I like to try out different restaurants, cook different foods, go and explore different areas and take trips to other cities. I am also a self confessed make up addict but I am an amateur – contouring, cut creases and ombre lips are not on my radar – I just like trying things and hoping they look alright!

Another big love of mine is music, film and television. I studied Media at university and focused a lot on film theory. This means I am probably that annoying person who asks questions and go into the feelings and thoughts of characters. Lets just say I get quite invested in characters and stories.

London and the UK in general is a hard place to be opinionated. For all the things that have been going on over the last few years. However, despite all of this, it hard not to form an opinion. I try to be careful about political views I put on social media but there might be times that I may delve into it here.

Happy reading!



North London Girl In The East End

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