Dinner – Barrio Comida – Newcastle

My boyfriend is originally from Newcastle so a few times a year e head up to the Toon, see family, go for many beers and eat some decent scran (that would be food for all southerners not in the know).

Our favourite haunt is Nudo, a noodle house with incredible dumplings and all the best sides you could ever need! However,, we steered away from there this time and tried a few different places, including Barrio Comida and it did not disappoint.

Living in London, street food and cuisine can be found everywhere. You can be incredibly spoilt. East London is full of street food markets, pop up restaurants and everything in between. When it comes to tacos, there are a few fantastic places to get tacos. Which is why it is a big thing to say the tacos we had at Barrio Comida were some of the best I have ever tried.

It is a container of the quayside near the Millennium Bridge. It was cosy and intimate with tables and stools with a view of the river as well as a few in the middle. Everything is ordered and paid for at the counter, which is the only down side as if you want to order a few and see how you get on there is probably a few trips you might have to make.

We started off with two beers and corn chips with guacamole. With handmade chips and fresh guac, it was delicious moreish and fresh. Once we wet our tastebuds we then tried some other tacos on the menu.

The Al Pastor was pork which had been grilled on a vertical spit, a little bit like when you go to a kebab shop. It was topped with salsa, onion, pineapple and cilantro. The flavours were incredible and it left us wanting more.

Then there was the Ensenada which was battered fish (local of course, we were by the coast) with white cabbage creme and salsa. The batter was light and crispy and the cabbage made the taco seem fresher.

The Cabeza was Ox Cheek with chilli, feta, lettuce and radish. Ox Cheek is one of those things you might be reluctant to try as it may be too rich but that is not the case at all. It was cooked well and as a feta lover, I think it added a different texture!

The Mole was chicken with a mole sauce, cream, seeds and red onions. As a personal reference, I was not ¬†fan of this one. Chocolate in savoury food is something I do’t like very much. Saying this, I think that it was well put together, just not quite my cup of tea.

There was the option for different salsas you could use as toppers or dips for all of your food. We ordered one each. I got the chipotle which was spicy and smoky. My boyfriend has a much higher tolerance for spice than I do so he went for the Negra, which he said was incredibly tasty (I guessed that too as I caught him dipping his fingers in the pot too).

Overall, the staff were lovely and helpful which added to the great atmosphere. We enjoyed it so much I would recommend it to everyone. We will definitely be going back! Food in London can be fantastic but finding amazing food in Newcastle means theres more things to be excited about for when we go back up north!


Rebecca xoxo

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