Brighton For The Weekend

Brighton is one of my favourite places to spend a weekend. Myself and my boyfriend decided to stay overnight and get out of London for a while. Although I love living in the capital, it can get quite overwhelming and it’s nice to get out of it every now and again.

After a £5 train journey from Victoria, we were in Brighton in just over an hour. That’s right, it takes just over an hour to go from London to the seaside. When you head down from the station, the air feels crisper and being able to see the sea is wonderful!

Wandering around the lanes is an absolute must when in Brighton. Walking around the winding streets, window shopping and popping into some great shops. Berts Homestore is full of all the household and kitchen items you can think of! I usually wander into Art Republic and gaze longingly at the art too.

Boho Gelato is a must for all ice cream lovers and those with a sweet tooth. I first heard about it after seeing things online from a few people (one of those people might have been Zoella). With lots of vegan options and an odd variety of flavours, it’s a nice change from the ordinary. I always go for the carrot cake. It’s delicious and has lots of cinnamon in it! My boyfriend had munchies which was full of chocolate and peanut. Eating ice cream near the pier and the beach brings back so much nostalgia of being a child at the beach!

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