Easter Comes Early With Cadbury

This is not a drill – Cadburys Easter eggs are now in shops! I don’t know about anyone else but I try to hold off buying all the mini eggs I can see for a while otherwise I will be sick of them by the time it’s actually Easter.

Cadburys kindly sent over some of the Easter themed stuff over for me to try. There’s some things I hadn’t had before as well as some old classics. My boyfriend was very excited at helping to taste things. I like much plainer chocolate whereas Andrew likes more decadent chocolate, with caramel etc.
I absolutely LOVED the Easter Egg Hunt Pack. I have a young brothers and sisters and knew they would love to hunt around the garden for some delicious little eggs!
The mini Oreo eggs I was dubious about. People always look a little shocked when I say I don’t like Oreos. I don’t think they taste of much. I am not really sure why people get so excited about them. However, saying that, I really really enjoyed the Oreo eggs! If you are unsure of what it tastes like then it’s the Cadbury version of the Galaxy cookie crumble chocolate you can get in those massive bars! The texture was really nice, however it would be good to get more in a bag as with two of us really liking them, they didn’t last long!

The Egg’n’Spoon is the thing that intrigued me the most but I was the most disappointed with. After sharing one, we found the outside of the egg was really soft, making the whole thing fall apart. Andrew had a brainwave to put them in the fridge so they set. We tried the next day and instead of falling apart, it was so solid we couldn’t break it with the little spoon that came with it. The inside was a little sweet for me. It tasted like icing, which is probably a lot of people’s bag, but not mine.


Overall, Cadburys is always pretty great isn’t it? Milk chocolate is my absolute favourite so it was nice to try out a few new things!

This is a collaborative post.

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