OOTD – Ripped Jeans & Pins

It’s nice when you pull an outfit together you really like. Casual, comfortable but adding little bits to make the ensemble click together.

I live in jeans and jeggings from Marks & Spencer (great if you have a curvier figure). I ripped some myself with a pair of scissors and some sandpaper but it didn’t make the effect I wanted. I found these ones recently in New Look and I LOVE them.

Stripe t shirts are a big staple in my wardrobe. They are versatile and can go from day time to night pretty easily. I have a few Breton style tops but I have been looking for a standard short sleeved style. This top is from Primark! I don’t buy clothes from there often (I spend a lot more on their homeware range). I wear a lot of black too so it ticked both boxes.

My leather jacket was a gift from the Christmas before last. It’s from Dorothy Perkins. Biker style leather is the only style I would go for. I think is suits pretty much everyone!

Desert boots are a cute little addition. I wish I could put a link up for them but I was lucky enough to get them in a Topshop sale for about £6 a few years ago. The colour is great, I am a big lover of pink at the moment. They were hidden away in a wardrobe until recently but they are going to be a firm favourite this spring.

Going out with a geordie means you here lots of slang and words from up north. The phrase “Shy Bairns” is one of these (bairn usually means child or baby). This pin badge was a present from my boyfriend and you can pick them up at The Baltic in Newcastle!



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