Ramen For Lunch At Tonkotsu, Mare St

I am an absolute sucker for ramen. The rich flavour and being able to have a really tasty broth keeps you warm and happy. Living in Hackney, we are a short walk away from Mare Street where there is Tonkotsu. Theres a few of these in London, one not far from my office in Soho. Mare Street is an odd part of Hackney. Despite there being high street stores there, it has a weird mix of people too. Tonkotsu could be lost amongst the convenience stores but what a find!

We are lucky enough to live near enough to get a bowl of ramen on UberEats which we have done a few times. Finding ourselves free on a weekday meant we could pop in and have a cheeky lunch deal.
Despite it being a weekday and the restaurant being a little tucked away, there were a fair few people in! For £9.95 you can get a small bowl of ramen and a side. However, looking at the small it was a bit too small so we upgraded a bigger bowl for £1.95!

I opted for chicken gyoza (something elspe I love, I might put my recipe up for this at one point) and Andrew went for prawn gyoza. Then came the main event – the tasty bowl of ramen. I got the Tokyo with pork, which has a soy base. Andrew had the chilli chicken, which I have had before but is a little to spicy for me.

If you find yourself in Hackney around lunch time then definitely go to Tonkotsu. It ticks all the boxes. It is a great setting too – theres even a massive mural of a dinosaur terrorizing the London skyline!

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