Ramen In Warsaw – MOD

I love a city break. It usually means I can throw a couple of holidays into the year. I had been to Krakow when I was younger but we were excited to go and explore Warsaw. After looking up places to eat and drink we came across MOD. It was a doughnut shop by day and a ramen place by night – what could be better?

Fusion food might seem a little over the top but some go so well with Asian foods and flavours. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the flavours that came out.

I started with beef bourginion dumplings. It was full of flavour and had cheese sprinkled all over them. The taste was really good but part of you got confused thinking it was going to be full of soy and saltiness.

My boyfriend Andrew loves ramen. I reckon he would have it every day if he was allowed. Mod had high standards to reach and they did not disappoint! My ramen dish was duck. It was rich and full of flavour. Andrew had a lot more spice with his minced chicken.

To finish it all of we shared a chocolate tart with miso cream. Again, rich, lots of depth with flavours mixed together.

The decor was pink, marble, dark wood and potted plants everywhere so it felt very East London. It felt warm, welcoming and we left feeling full and happy. It was amazing value for money too. As a lot of Warsaw was so cheap; for starters, mains, a shared dessert, wine and service, we spent around £20 a head!

If you are in Warsaw then you should definitely head to MOD. We didn’t get a chance to go in the day time for doughnuts but they look a little like Crosstown Doughnuts.

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