Would You Order From Avon?

When you think of Avon, you might think of the catalogues sent from door to door, with parties in your living room filled with your mums friends. There is actually a lot more to Avon. Did you know it was one of the first beauty brands to not test on animals? They currently have a new make up brand called Mark, designed for make up lovers to make their “mark”. In America, the brands ambassador is Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars.

I get a few bits from Avon occasionally as a gift as my boyfriends aunty is an Avon representative (yes, they do still exist). However, I have never sat down and made an order myself.

There is a lot more available on the site when you find your local representative. If you go to the top of the website, you can click “find your representative”. You can add your postcode and see the nearest representative to you. When you can find one near you, click the option “shop with me” and it allows you to continue looking online.

I picked up the Skin So Soft dry oil as I get bad insect bites and it works well as a repellent. I then went for the Extralasting Inks cream eye shadow in taupe, the Perfect Brow Kit, a Big Colour Eye Pencil in Flipping Out Pink and the Magix Prep & Set Spray.

The Perfect Brow Kit has an eyebrow powder and clear wax. I have used it over the last couple of days and really enjoyed how natural it looks as well as sculpting my brow. I have been using the Prep & Set spray before and after doing my make up and it has kept my make up intact. The colours for the eye pencil and cream eyeshadow are great but I am yet to try them out properly.

There is always stuff on offer on the Avon site. You might have thought all of those things added up but it only came to £19.99! Yes! You’ll be able to get your order sent directly to your house or wait for your representative to deliver it to you.

Trying Beauty Trends – Oval Brushes

Gone are the days where you put your make up on with your hands (I leave that for quick touch ups in public bathrooms). Now there are lots of things to apply foundation, concealer and contour.

I used to have a brush but when rushing in the morning I found I had brush marks, especially around my nose. After a few recommendations I went on to a Real Techniques sponge for my base and a range of Morphe brushes for my cheeks, brows and eyes.  However, I see oval brushes everywhere with a pretty high price tag for something I am not too sure about. I went for a wander around Primark and browsed through the beauty section. Surprisingly there are lots of great products. The one thing my eyes fell on were their oval brushes. I picked a small one up for £2.50 to see what all the hype was about.

I put a little of my foundation on my hand to massage into the brush. To be honest, I felt like it all disappeared. I used it across my cheeks and saw not much coverage. I was worried I would use too much product so I continued applying my foundation with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. Once it got to applying my concealer, I decided to try the oval brush again.
The feel of the brush is soft and not bristly. Despite not using it for the application, it was good for blending across your eyes ad nose. Was it worth the £2.50? Probably. Would I buy more oval brushes? Perhaps, but for now I am sticking to my Morphe brushes and my Miracle Sponge.


Pixi + Caroline Hirons – Double Cleanse

I have had so many cleansers and creams to take my make up off in the past. Miscellar water or gel from Garnier was what I used the most as well as the dreaded make up wipe. I never found anything that managed to take full coverage make up off fully. I wanted something that could become a great addition to my skincare routine.

I use Pixi Glow Tonic on days my face needs brightening but i hadn’t looked at the other skincare until the Pixi Pretties collection came out. I am a follower of Caroline Hirons blog and Instagram and was so intrigued to try the Double Cleanse.
It comes in a huge circular pot that is sectioned into two halves – cleansing balm on the one side and cream on the other. I use a small amount of the balm and work it into my skin slightly with my hands. I then get the Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge, dampen it and rub the balm into my skin. The difference is incredible. It feels like it melts my make up off. I then do the same when adding a small amount of cream. The cream takes any of the excess make up left on my face.

I am honestly so impressed with the Double Cleanse. I recently had an allergic reaction to a new setting spray so I wanted to take make up off as soon as I got home from work. It was a nice way to Cleanse and I am still taking off my make up as soon as I get home as it’s made my skin feel vibrant, clean and soft.
On a side note, I highly recommend using the Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge. It’s great to use when cleansing and it’s really easy to clean and squeeze all of the make up out of it after each time you use it.
I’d really recommend the Double Cleanse as it’s made it a joy to do the boring task of taking my make up off.

Networking At Cosmo’s Self Made Summit

When you think of Cosmopolitan magazine you might still think of pages full of sex tips and advice on “How To Please Your Man” but that is a thing of the past. Gone are the racy pages and you’ll see more about issues that are relatable. This would be things that you feel are really aimed at you. With the main audience being 29 or younger (amongst others), jobs and careers will be a popular factor. With cracking a career that is right for you in the current climate, they hit the nail of the head with their Self Made Summit. I headed to County Hall last Saturday.

The day started with registration and breakfast. We then had an introduction to the day by Farrah Storr, the editor of Cosmo. The first keynote speaker was Olivia Palermo, who you might recognise from reality show The City but she is a key influencer in fashion. She spoke about how she works, how much detail goes into her website, social media etc and gave out advice.

There were 3 sessions for everyone at the summit. The first I went to was “Make Me Famous: The Power Of Social Media To Launch a brand. The speakers were Hugo Taylor, Made In Chelsea Star turned business owner of Taylor Morris London, Alice Liveing founder of Clean Eating Alice, Youtuber, blogger and writer Louise Pentland and Jess Ronan, the Head Of Small Business at Instagram. It was interesting to see how people started and how they control their social channels. It was really interesting to hear from someone who worked for Instagram as it is seen as one of the most powerful social media channels.

The second session I went to was From Blog To Brand. The speakers were Rosie Fortescue from Made In Chelsea and owns her own jewellery line, Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo who you will recognise from Youtube and as an owner of Real Techniques brushes, Vlogger Fleur De Force and Sedge Beswick, the managing director of SeenConnects. Sam, Fleur and Rosie have used their blogs and websites to launch a career, build a brand and assist with social media and content. There was a mix of planning and those who post when they have something to post.

Lunch was such a pleasant surprise! I was expecting sandwiches and nibbles but instead got a bento box with lemon chicken, salmon, spiralised veg, potato cakes with haloumi and olives. It was all delicious, light and helped make the day feel special. If you wanted to feel even more special, there was lots going on to pamper you. There were hair stylists on hand, you could get HD Brows, get a manicure, get your make up done and more! If you wanted a decent headshot you could get some for free! There was even an option to get a monogrammed leather purse from Mon Purse!

The second keynote of the day was Katherine Ryan. She spoke of the struggle she had when first starting out and how she worked hard to get to where she was.

The third session of the day was “Turning Your Hobby Into Your Dream Job” with Alfie Deyes. You might know him as PointlessBlog and boyfriend of fellow YouTuber Zoe Sugg (Zoella). I myself am a big fan of PointlessBlog and other YouTubers so I was excited to hear him talk. He spoke about how he started and how he copes with the work, the fame and how to handle it. I may have shamelessly gone and asked for a selfie at the end but I truly admire someone who puts their life out there so publicly.

The overall thoughts of the day was positive. I met some great people, made friends and networked. I got to hear from some people I really admired. The speakers that made my day were Sam Chapman and Louise Pentland. They were down to earth and came across as so friendly and lovely. Louise is a massive inspiration to me, working hard, keeping a work/life balance and writing a book. Ultimately that would be my aim.

I am so happy I went to the Self Made Summit and I would urge people to check out Cosmo events. As well as all the amenities, the great goody bag and food – I met fabulous people and got a lot of it. THAT is how you host an event!

Trying Something New – Dorco Eve

It’s always nice when it’s a good post day! I got some Dorco Eve razors sent over to me in the post and couldn’t wait to try them out!

Like any typical girl I get a little complacent with leg shaving when the weather is freezing. It is not something that will happen with every shower unless you might be single and off out – there’s always a potential of pulling! Most girls like me might even do the “ankle shave” if you know the bottom end of your leg would be out.

I am a complete slave to Gilette Venus razors. I am pretty sure I have been using them ever since I started shaving as a teenager. When I have bought cheaper ones they have never compared and left me with many more nips and cuts.
The first thing I liked about the Eve was that it was a standard razor. I have tried all of the razors with balms around the side of the blade and due to my sensitive skin, I have come up a little blotchy. There is Aloe Vera but I have discovered that is extremely soothing for sensitive skin (I always opt for Lush products with it in).

When you shave with a Venus razor you feel like it slides across your skin. This is great but you can sometimes not catch all the hairs you want. Eve razors feel a little sharper, which startled me at first as I was worried I might cut myself. However, I then found it quite reassuring as when I checked, it caught a lot more hairs as well as gliding across my skin. The result was incredibly smooth.

I never thought I would say this but I think I might be converted! If you want to get your hands on an Eve razor then you can buy one here.

This is a collaborative post.

Skin & Beauty Favourites of 2016

I don’t think a blog would be complete without the odd article about the favourite products, whether it is make up, skin care or hair care. I have always been interested in make up and looking after my skin but in the last year or two I have read reviews, blogs and watched Youtube videos to see what are some of the best products out there.

Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin and come up in patches of dry skin over little things. This means I need to be careful what goes onto my skin. Lush products for example. With the many many pictures on Instagram of Snow Fairy and brightly coloured water baths, I bought Snow Fairy a few years ago. It didn’t compliment my skin very well and it put me off lush for a long time. Recently, I have decided to take time out of my week to relax, unwind and enjoy a bath.

After some googling of what works well with sensitive skin, I bought a few bits that have so far been really good! My go to products at the moment from Lush are; Dream Cream (the self preserving one, so it feels extremely fresh), Butterball bath bomb and Floating Island bath oil. I use a few bits for my dry skin and Dream Cream has become part of my routine and I use it after every shower. It has made my skin SO much better.

Face Products

I have tried lots of products for my face – some good, some not so good. I tried some over the last year or so I have really enjoyed. When it started getting really cold, I began getting dry skin around my nose and t-zone. My go to moisturiser was First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. It feels lovely on your skin and really does the trick.

La Roche – Posay products are good for combination skin. The Effaclar Duo+ works well under my make up or to freshen up my skin after washing. I love the Toleriane Foaming Gel Cleanser. A lot of stuff for sensitive skin lacks the bubbly lather you get with other products but this actually gets bubbly and foamy!

I decided to treat myself to some mini Pixi products. The Best Of Bright kit includes; Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Mud Mask and Glow Tonic. The Glow Tonic has become an absolute favourite and I plan on buying the full size as soon as the mini one runs out!


Make Up

Make up can get pretty addictive. I look out for reviews on products from beauty bloggers and magazines before I buy things. I always want to make sure it is a decent product. Sephora mini’s have always been an impulse buy when shopping on holiday but usually mean if I like something, i’ll get the full size eventually (I did this with Better Than Sex Mascara).

Here is a list of some of my beauty faves I have used over the last year!

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette – such a nice mix of nude and brown colours that are really pigmented. “Buck” works perfectly blended into my brows after a flick of clear brow gel)
  • Urban Decay Naked2 Palette – My go to eye palette I reach for the most. I use nearly every colour to death! (I actually have the Naked 3 and Smoky palette too but I find I use them a lot less)
  • Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette – such a nice mixture of colours for the arch under your eyebrow and the lines of your liner. I have a dressing table and I find I need a smaller mirror to line my eyes and the one in this palette works perfectly
  • Kat Von D “Shade And Light” Contour Quad Eye Shadow Palette – I have this in ‘Smoke’ so its greys and navy. It is quite hard to blend without a bit of practice but the end result is really effective!
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – I have always used cheap eyeliner but someone recommended this pen liner to me. It didn’t disappoint. It lasts a lot longer and I can create a much sharper line along my eye.
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Nosferatu – I LOVE liquid lipstick. Kat Von D’s stays on for ages, feels great on your lips and isn’t too drying!
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion – A lot of people might not use a eye primer but I think it makes the world of difference. My eyeshadow lasts a lot longer
  • NYX Cream Contour Palette – cream contour works really well under a blusher and blends well without getting too cakey. This NYX palette is really nice and matches my skin really well
  • NYX Powder Illuminator In Ritualistic – I have cream highlighters but I find powder lasts longer. I really like the finish of this one and I love NYX products.
  • Soap & Glory’s One Heck Of A Blot Primer – I get a shiny face after a day at work, so a primer to mattify my face a little is a must. One Heck Of A Blot works really well and is good for topping up my make up after a long day
  • Bourjois Colour Band Eyeshadow – I was on the hunt for a cheaper version of Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chamaeleon and Colour Band has intense colour which can be blended well. When I want an easy day make up, I whack a lot of this on my lids
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – this is a blogger fave. I tried this out after Tanya Burr and Zoella raved about it. It is by far the best concealer I have tried and one of the cheapest!
  • Tanya Burr Body Illuminator – If I want to look glowy, I use a little bit of this under my foundation and across my collar bones. It also smells REALLY good
  • Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa – One of the highly sought after colours, I adore this lipstick. It smells and tastes good (definitely an important factor), feels incredibly soft on your lips, which is a relief after lots of matte lipstick and the colour is the perfect pink/nude for my skin tone.

I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface with this. There is still a load of products I haven’t even mentioned. Make up is a definite hobby of mine and I am obsessed with Kat Von D, Too Faced, NYX and Urban Decay. I am trying to revamp all of my products to vegan only products, which is taking a little research. I am also always on the lookout for skincare that makes my sensitive and dry skin feel great!