Saturday Afternoons In Borough Market

Borough Market is an institution. The famous food market is always busy and has a great selection of food, drink and produce.

We ventured over on a busy Saturday to window shop and take in all of the sights and the smells.

There is so much to see it can be a little overwhelming.The hot food stalls are all on one side and it means that it can be reaaaaaaaallly busy. We tried some scotch eggs from Scotch Tails but didn’t have space to take a picture!

If you haven’t been before I would recommend trying a few bits! Bread Ahead have a stall further into the market. You’ve probably seen pictures on Instagram of their INSANELY good doughnuts.

If you are a fan of spicy then Pimento Hill does some delicious Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam. You will get some testers to try before you buy too! Spice Mountain has all of the spices, salts and peppers you will ever need!

We headed to Neal’s Yard to try some cheese. After going to Clove Club in Shoreditch and trying the tasting menu, they had some incredible goats cheese from Neals Yard. We tried some in store and it was so good. We took some home with us. The huge blocks of cheese don’t even look real and the whole room is full of all of the cheese you can imagine.

3bis Gelato is right next door to Neals Yard. As it was getting a little warmer as we are falling into spring, we decided to share a tub. Chocolate sauce is drizzled underneath and topped with the ice cream of your choice. There are a small selection of flavours to choose from but they all look so tasty.

Buying lots from Borough Market can get expensive Take a friend to share bigger dishes and wander round getting all the tasters you can stomach!

Sundays At Columbia Road

As a Londoner, it is a known fact that as soon as there is a hint of sun, you go and explore the city. As I live in East London, there is always a lot to do. With so many great markets around; Broadway Market, Netil Market, Well Street Market and Chatsworth Road Market, you can go from one to the other if you want to! One of my favourites is Columbia Road Flower Market.

Columbia Road for me is the epitome of the East End. It has lot of character, great shops and a huge selection of plants and flowers. The traders shout out and make jokes in strong cockney accents. I love it but as it is a major tourist attraction, it gets realllllllllly busy. This time round it is potentially the busiest I have ever seen it! If you get there are the wrong time you can feel like you are wadding through a huge crowd yet getting nowhere and not seeing many flowers.

As I saw hints of spring I went with the aim to get my first flowers of the year. I picked up a mix of flowers for £10. I also got some pussy willow for about £3.50. I love pussy willow and have only just found out they last for a few years! What a great value for money!

Independent florists can be really expensive. The great thing about Columbia Road is that you get a chance to pick from a huge range of flowers at great prices and you keep a London institution alive!


Palm Vaults – An Instagrammers Dream

I am that person who takes pictures of my food in restaurants. I love a good shot of a well made coffee. Bloggers do it, people who love Instagram do it and I think I found the perfect place to do it – Palm Vaults.

You have probably seen pictures of Palm Vaults, based on Mare Street in Hackney, without even realising. They are known for their pink decor, Miami based decor and rainbow lattes. I didn’t fancy a rose, velvet, matcha or tumeric latte. Despite the idea of something colourful, I wanted a decent coffee that had actual coffee in.

We ordered a latte, a flat white and a chocolate and salted caramel brownie. The coffee was good but the brownie was incredible. Really tasty ! Andrew was fighting me for the last bite.

The decor is lovely, but not very well planned out. The chairs take up a lot of space and as it is nearly always full, you’ll find people standing and waiting for you to leave. Andrew was despairing over the amount of people taking pictures of the place rather than enjoying the coffee in front of them. There were girls swapping seats so they could all get the right angles.

I headed to the bathroom before we left and the decor didn’t disappoint. Palm tree wallpaper, a pink sink, massive mirror and Aesop hand wash. It was something out of Pinterest! The only downside is girls with big SLR cameras were trying to get in and shaking the door so they could take a picture. Not what you want when going for a wee!

Overall, I think Palm Vaults has a lot of promise. However, we went on a quiet Friday afternoon. I have walked past on a weekend and seen queues out of the door! I’d like to go and try brunch or breakfast (with a cheeky cake on the side too maybe) but I think I might leave that for an afternoon with the girls, who’ll appreciate the Instagram aesthetic!

OOTD – Ripped Jeans & Pins

It’s nice when you pull an outfit together you really like. Casual, comfortable but adding little bits to make the ensemble click together.

I live in jeans and jeggings from Marks & Spencer (great if you have a curvier figure). I ripped some myself with a pair of scissors and some sandpaper but it didn’t make the effect I wanted. I found these ones recently in New Look and I LOVE them.

Stripe t shirts are a big staple in my wardrobe. They are versatile and can go from day time to night pretty easily. I have a few Breton style tops but I have been looking for a standard short sleeved style. This top is from Primark! I don’t buy clothes from there often (I spend a lot more on their homeware range). I wear a lot of black too so it ticked both boxes.

My leather jacket was a gift from the Christmas before last. It’s from Dorothy Perkins. Biker style leather is the only style I would go for. I think is suits pretty much everyone!

Desert boots are a cute little addition. I wish I could put a link up for them but I was lucky enough to get them in a Topshop sale for about £6 a few years ago. The colour is great, I am a big lover of pink at the moment. They were hidden away in a wardrobe until recently but they are going to be a firm favourite this spring.

Going out with a geordie means you here lots of slang and words from up north. The phrase “Shy Bairns” is one of these (bairn usually means child or baby). This pin badge was a present from my boyfriend and you can pick them up at The Baltic in Newcastle!



Ramen For Lunch At Tonkotsu, Mare St

I am an absolute sucker for ramen. The rich flavour and being able to have a really tasty broth keeps you warm and happy. Living in Hackney, we are a short walk away from Mare Street where there is Tonkotsu. Theres a few of these in London, one not far from my office in Soho. Mare Street is an odd part of Hackney. Despite there being high street stores there, it has a weird mix of people too. Tonkotsu could be lost amongst the convenience stores but what a find!

We are lucky enough to live near enough to get a bowl of ramen on UberEats which we have done a few times. Finding ourselves free on a weekday meant we could pop in and have a cheeky lunch deal.
Despite it being a weekday and the restaurant being a little tucked away, there were a fair few people in! For £9.95 you can get a small bowl of ramen and a side. However, looking at the small it was a bit too small so we upgraded a bigger bowl for £1.95!

I opted for chicken gyoza (something elspe I love, I might put my recipe up for this at one point) and Andrew went for prawn gyoza. Then came the main event – the tasty bowl of ramen. I got the Tokyo with pork, which has a soy base. Andrew had the chilli chicken, which I have had before but is a little to spicy for me.

If you find yourself in Hackney around lunch time then definitely go to Tonkotsu. It ticks all the boxes. It is a great setting too – theres even a massive mural of a dinosaur terrorizing the London skyline!

Easter Comes Early With Cadbury

This is not a drill – Cadburys Easter eggs are now in shops! I don’t know about anyone else but I try to hold off buying all the mini eggs I can see for a while otherwise I will be sick of them by the time it’s actually Easter.

Cadburys kindly sent over some of the Easter themed stuff over for me to try. There’s some things I hadn’t had before as well as some old classics. My boyfriend was very excited at helping to taste things. I like much plainer chocolate whereas Andrew likes more decadent chocolate, with caramel etc.
I absolutely LOVED the Easter Egg Hunt Pack. I have a young brothers and sisters and knew they would love to hunt around the garden for some delicious little eggs!
The mini Oreo eggs I was dubious about. People always look a little shocked when I say I don’t like Oreos. I don’t think they taste of much. I am not really sure why people get so excited about them. However, saying that, I really really enjoyed the Oreo eggs! If you are unsure of what it tastes like then it’s the Cadbury version of the Galaxy cookie crumble chocolate you can get in those massive bars! The texture was really nice, however it would be good to get more in a bag as with two of us really liking them, they didn’t last long!

The Egg’n’Spoon is the thing that intrigued me the most but I was the most disappointed with. After sharing one, we found the outside of the egg was really soft, making the whole thing fall apart. Andrew had a brainwave to put them in the fridge so they set. We tried the next day and instead of falling apart, it was so solid we couldn’t break it with the little spoon that came with it. The inside was a little sweet for me. It tasted like icing, which is probably a lot of people’s bag, but not mine.


Overall, Cadburys is always pretty great isn’t it? Milk chocolate is my absolute favourite so it was nice to try out a few new things!

This is a collaborative post.

A Dinner At Gingerman, Brighton

We headed to Gingerman when in Brighton last weekend. We did lots of research into where to go and it was the top of our list. We were put on a waiting list initially but were called an hour or so before with a booking. It was all very exciting as it had been a bit of a disappointment before.

The setting was lovely. Really intimate, low lighting and relaxed tables. Usually, we go for slightly more casual and relaxed dinners, so this made a really nice change to treat ourselves. We sat ourselves near the door, there was a little curtain to separate from the door so it felt like it was just us, which was nice (hint; if going on a date, I reckon it’s the best table in the place).
The set dinners on the menu ranged and it was really hard to choose from. There are few things I don’t like so it means I am usually a bit more straightforward with my menu choices. Gingerman however, had lots I wanted to try. Me and my boyfriend have a habit of going for things we can try off each other’s plates too. It’s the one great thing about going for dinner as a couple.

I started with the “Pigs & Squid”, which was confit pork belly, crispy squid, parsley puree and pickled fennel. The mix of pork and squid I was worried might be overpowering but the difference of tastes and textures worked really well, especially with a dip of the purée. I have only really had fennel chopped and cooked into things (meatballs, especially the ones like you can get in Polpo). It’s a definite preference thing but I don’t like the taste of fennel itself. In my head, it tastes like Sambuca on vegetables. Not the best spirit to picture when eating for some (including me!)
My boyfriend Andrew had the pressed terrine, which was full of flavour and tasted delicious. I’m taking this from what he said as well as a bite I tried for myself.

Mains were a tough choice. We both sat there contemplating for ages. I went for the rump of beef. It was accompanied with potato, carrots, tarragon purée and onion crumble. The beef was so perfectly cooked the knife cut through it so easily. It was a great cut of meat. The tarragon gave the dish another element you wouldn’t expect but worked really well.
Andrew had the quail which was served with polenta. There was a crisp on the quail which was almost like it was a quail spring roll. There was a grape coulis which seemed similar to a sweet plum sauce.

The menu offered three courses. We went for the banana soufflé and the chocolate pavé with pistachio ice cream. The soufflé tasted amazing but out of preference I found it a little runny because of the fruits consistency. The chocolate pavé was delicious. It was milk chocolate which I thought stood out as so many desserts in restaurants like this would have more of a bitter taste.

Overall, we had a great experience at Gingerman. The staff were so helpful and friendly, gave us recommendations for drinks afterwards and helped us decide what to order. We have already recommended it to some friends. In fact, I am going to recommend it again. If you fancy something tasty and a little fancy when you are in Brighton then definitely look up Gingerman. It’s likely to be busy at a weekend so see if you can book a table!

Trying Something New – Dorco Eve

It’s always nice when it’s a good post day! I got some Dorco Eve razors sent over to me in the post and couldn’t wait to try them out!

Like any typical girl I get a little complacent with leg shaving when the weather is freezing. It is not something that will happen with every shower unless you might be single and off out – there’s always a potential of pulling! Most girls like me might even do the “ankle shave” if you know the bottom end of your leg would be out.

I am a complete slave to Gilette Venus razors. I am pretty sure I have been using them ever since I started shaving as a teenager. When I have bought cheaper ones they have never compared and left me with many more nips and cuts.
The first thing I liked about the Eve was that it was a standard razor. I have tried all of the razors with balms around the side of the blade and due to my sensitive skin, I have come up a little blotchy. There is Aloe Vera but I have discovered that is extremely soothing for sensitive skin (I always opt for Lush products with it in).

When you shave with a Venus razor you feel like it slides across your skin. This is great but you can sometimes not catch all the hairs you want. Eve razors feel a little sharper, which startled me at first as I was worried I might cut myself. However, I then found it quite reassuring as when I checked, it caught a lot more hairs as well as gliding across my skin. The result was incredibly smooth.

I never thought I would say this but I think I might be converted! If you want to get your hands on an Eve razor then you can buy one here.

This is a collaborative post.

Brighton For The Weekend

Brighton is one of my favourite places to spend a weekend. Myself and my boyfriend decided to stay overnight and get out of London for a while. Although I love living in the capital, it can get quite overwhelming and it’s nice to get out of it every now and again.

After a £5 train journey from Victoria, we were in Brighton in just over an hour. That’s right, it takes just over an hour to go from London to the seaside. When you head down from the station, the air feels crisper and being able to see the sea is wonderful!

Wandering around the lanes is an absolute must when in Brighton. Walking around the winding streets, window shopping and popping into some great shops. Berts Homestore is full of all the household and kitchen items you can think of! I usually wander into Art Republic and gaze longingly at the art too.

Boho Gelato is a must for all ice cream lovers and those with a sweet tooth. I first heard about it after seeing things online from a few people (one of those people might have been Zoella). With lots of vegan options and an odd variety of flavours, it’s a nice change from the ordinary. I always go for the carrot cake. It’s delicious and has lots of cinnamon in it! My boyfriend had munchies which was full of chocolate and peanut. Eating ice cream near the pier and the beach brings back so much nostalgia of being a child at the beach!